'Brushwork Essentials' Workshop

Instructor - Lalita Hamill, SFCA,

Date - Oct. 28 & 29, 2017 at Rollo Centre on Gabriola sland; 9 to 4PM

Cost - $135.00CDN for the weekend for Gabriola Palette People Active Members; $150.00 for non-Members

Lunch - Bring your own lunch

Medium - Acrylic or oil (see supply list below)

Remember to read the Workshop Cancellation Policy at the bottom of this workshop description.


What kind of look/feel do you want in your paintings?  Do you want to be able to see your brushstrokes, and if so, how much?  Do you want crisp clarity? Softness?  Do you want colours to be completely mixed beforehand or to mix on the canvas?  Or both?
For those wanting to improve their brushwork technique, this workshop consists of exercises, studies and demos specifically designed to help you develop key brushwork knowledge and skills.  Techniques will include the following: choosing a brush, brush grips, effective loading and appropriate consistency of paint, pressure, variety of strokes, dry brushing, blending and glazing. 

Attention will also be given to creating a specific mood and an interesting eye flow within your work by using a variety of hard, soft, lost and found edges as well as uncovering your personal ‘style’. Participants may use either oil or acrylic mediums.


Painting surface, viscosity (wet or dry), brush size, shape, length & type, amount of paint (thick or thin), body stance and hand grip techniques, gestures (strokes), edges & transitions, pressure, palette knives, recovery when things go sideways.


Oil or acrylic paint. Brushes, palette, easel, solvents, canvas (see below)
With respect to all supplies, please just bring what you have.  There is no need to buy anything new, especially paint colours (as long as you have one yellow, one red, one blue, black & white, we can work with what you have).

However, if you do not have any supplies, the colours I will bring are the following. I have placed a star by the colours I use most often:

Titanium white*                              Burnt Sienna*
Yellow ochre*                                  Cadmium red light
Cad yellow medium                         Cadmium red medium
Hansa yellow (or lemon yellow)*      Rose Madder or Alizarin Crimson
Cereulean blue*                               Burnt Umber*
Cobalt blue                                      Raw Umber
Ultramarine blue*
Payne’s Grey (optional)


Please bring enough canvas to complete 12 small (5”x7” and 8”x10”) studies and exercises, which could be in the form of:
  • A pad of canvas paper sheets, or loose gessoed canvas (rolled, and can cut to size in class), or
  • large canvases on which we will ‘tape off’ smaller areas to do studies, or
  • canvas boards or stretched canvases

Special Notes:
  1. Acrylic painters will need a small bottle of acrylic gloss glazing medium, Golden brand
  2. Oil painters must use an odourless mineral spirit and jars with lids for solvents 


Gabriola Palette People Workshop Registration, Payment, Wait List and Cancellation Policy
Please notify the Workshop Coordinator when you want to register for a workshop  by email or in person at a meeting at Rollo Centre.
A deposit of $25.00 is required at time of registration to hold a spot for you. Payment of the remaining workshop fee is required 30 days in advance of the workshop start date (Amount to be determined for each workshop, please see the applicable Workshop announcement).
Payment by cheque should be made to Gabriola Palette People.  We do not accept post-dated cheques. Mail or hand-deliver cheque to the Palette People Treasurer: Name and address
Each Painting Workshop has been priced on the basis of a minimum number of members required to cover the costs of facilitating the workshop.  If, after you have paid in full, you find you are unable to attend, there are two options:
·      You may find your own substitute in which case any financial transaction is between you and your substitute.
·      We will gladly refund your workshop fees if we are able to replace you from a waiting list.
In the event that a registrant for a workshop has an unexpected crisis due to illness, accident or death in the family, a request to the Executive may be made to forego the cancellation penalties.
Waiting Lists:
In the event that a workshop you wish to take is full, you can choose to be placed on a waiting list by contacting the workshop coordinator.  Any positions that may open up will be filled based on the date of placement on the wait list.  If we are unable to contact you, we will move to the next listed individual.
If We Cancel:
​In the unlikely event that we or the instructor need to cancel a workshop, all fees that have been collected will be fully refunded.

Approved January 5, 2016