Members of this organization shall be:
  •  Active – paid up members who have attended at least one Annual General Meeting (AGM) and/or Business Meeting a year and at least 6 regular art sessions a year
  • Associate – paid up members who have an interest in the group and who do not meet the criteria of an active member
Eligibility for membership:
  • It is not necessary to be a Senior, age 55 or older, to be a member of Palette People.
  • Potential members may come for two (2) sessions before applying for membership
  • Members must also become members of the Gabriola Senior Citizens’ Association
  • To demonstrate their commitment to be eligible to retain membership in Palette People, members shall be kind, courteous, polite and respectful to each other at all times.
  • Annual fee payable by active members is $15.  
  • Annual fee payable by associate members is $10. 
  • The membership year will be from January 1st to December 31stIf a new member joins on August 1 or later, the fee will be $7.50
  • Fees are due for both the Gabriola Senior Citizen’s Association and the Gabriola Palette People by March 31st
  • The Gabriola Senior Citizens’ Association levies a nominal charge for use of the hall to each member attending an art session or workshop.
 Membership Privileges:
  • All Active paid up members shall have the privileges of the organization, including voting.
  •  All Associate paid up members shall have the same privileges as active members except as defined under the Standing Rules.
  •  Longstanding Active members, who for health reasons and other extenuating circumstances are unable to attend requisite meetings and art sessions, at the discretion of the Executive, may participate in shows and workshops and vote as Active members. A written request must be made to the Executive.